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Simple automated crypto trading app with advance AI.
Crypto trading bots with AI systems enable trading based 
on data and trends—not on emotional impulse. Ultimately, 
this usually grows their profits, minimizes their risks, 
and limits their losses across exchanges. 

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One Click Run

Straightly run your bot with one click and let AI do the rest. Skip months of learning or copy the strategies created by other traders without emotional impulse

Zero Experience Needed

No problem even if you are a beginner. Our automated AI bots will buy & sell for you with no interference from your side.

24/7 Monitoring

Setup your bot & relax, let our AI bots monitor the market for you and seize opportunities even while you sleep.

Advance AI

The Advance AI perform thousands of complex calculations in seconds, allowing the AI to solve issues on their own, that requires no human intervention


You can view the history of all the trades with the timestamps.


We do not hold custody of your funds. Your funds will remain in your own account on your crypto exchange.

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Binding Your API Keys


Bots trade better than humans

With AntBot AI, we are making automated trading accessible to everyone. Create an account for free, choose a coin from marketplace and run.

Bots are the future of trading. The world's leading investors have been trading with bots for a long time. Now you can too!

Skip months of learning or copy the strategies created by other traders without emotional impulse.

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What is AntBot AI?

AntBot AI is a premium quality crypto trading bots driven by AI, Quant & Mathematical models.

Why should i use AntBot AI?

More than 90% of crypto traders or investors lose their money because markets trade 24/7, with high volatility which make it difficult to make a decision to buy or sell. Many significant data, signals and sentiment analysis are hard to interpret by humans.

Should we have to build our own bots or copy trading?

No. We don't recommend you to build your own bots or copy other traders setting. We already developed the bots using the latest advances in AI Technology, Sentiment Analysis, Mathematical Models & Quantitative Finance.

How much can we earn in a day?

Using AntBot AI is not an assured "pay-cheque". It will simplify your life by automating trades and over a time will perform better than humans and will achieve great returns.

Can we become rich by using AntBot AI?

Only the schemer promise investors a return on investment for each day or each month that their money is invested in the firm. We can promise you a steady return over a period of time but as always in crypto or any other assets come with risks.

Is AntBot AI non-custodial?

Yes, your funds is safe and remain in your own account on your exchange.

Does BOTS charge fees?

Yes, the transaction fees are charged by platform by using "Energy". 100 Energy = 1 USDT.

0.2 Energy x "Value Investment" per transaction for spot and 0.1 Energy x "Value Investment" per transaction for futures.

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